Living Room

Factors to consider when choosing the right wall colors for living rooms

Size of the room – First and foremost, you have to see how big or small the room is. Is the room is large and bright, you can opt for warmer shades such as maroon or dark blue. If the room is small, however, you have to go for more subdued shades such as white and beige as a dark shade may make the room look stuffy. You can also mix and match shades and if you really like dark shades but want to keep the overall mood of the room light and airy, you can have one wall painted red or blue or arrange and the rest of the walls painted white, beige or light brown. The contrast will surely look very nice.

Color of the upholstery – This holds true especially if you are re-painting an existing room. Then, the curtains and the rugs will already be present and so you will have to choose wall shade that matches them. If the walls do not match the upholstery, the room will look very clumsy. So make sure you keep this in mind before you make a final call on the living room wall color schemes.

Color of the furniture – If you have traditional, wooden furniture, then you would be better off choosing a traditional wall paint such as a white or a beige. If however you have more contemporarily designed, modern furniture sets in funky colors and themes, you can be experimental with the living room wall colors as well.

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